Should You Get the Belkin Wemo Devices for Your Sm...

Should You Get the Belkin Wemo Devices for Your Smart Home?


The Belkin Wemo

The Belkin Wemo (also stylized as WeMo or WEMO) has been turning some heads lately. Produced by consumer electronics juggernaut Belkin, the Wemo is a home automation device that’s designed to work with your entire smart home.

The Wemo is actually a line of smart home products, and in that way it’s similar to Amazon’s Echo line. One of the big positives that Wemo offers is seamless integration. All Wemo devices work with one another, and they can pair with popular smart home products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest Thermostats, and IFTTT.

In this article, we’ll go over the pros and cons of the Wemo to help you decide if you want to convert to the Wemo line or not.

Belkin Wemo devices

Currently, Wemo has eight products that run the gamut from lights to cameras. While Wemo doesn’t have every smart home accessory imaginable, it does provide several products that are staples for every smart home.

Smart plugs

Let’s start with the basics. Every smart home needs a smart plug (also called a smart outlet), and Wemo has three different models: the Mini Smart Plug, the Switch Smart Plug, and the Insight Smart Plug.

You might be thinking, “Are three smart plugs from the same company really that different from each other?” Sort of.

One reviewer suspected that the Mini and the Switch seem to be identical except for the size. Belkin Support confirmed this in a Q&A answer on the Switch product page.

So unless you like big smart plugs, the Mini is the way to go if you want a no-frills outlet that’s compact and works well. It’s only $34.99, and it’s one of Wemo’s best products in our opinion.

The Insight, however, offers some admittedly cool features, like the ability to track electricity usage and even export that data in an email. It costs $49.99, so you are paying a bit more for these features, but if you want precision energy monitoring, it’s a no-brainer to get the Insight.

Lighting products

Next up is Wemo’s lighting product line.

First is the Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set. While it is discontinued, you can still get it from sellers on Amazon and eBay.

At the $99.99 price, it’s in the same rough price range as the renowned Philips Hue system. Wemo says that the bulbs will last up to 23 years, and they’re just as energy efficient as any other smart bulbs.

The Belkin Wemo system is unique in a couple of aspects. First, it allows you to use third-party smart bulbs from companies like Sylvania and Osram.

Second, you can use the system with the included Wemo Link device to connect all of the bulbs and use them separately or together.

However, the set has gotten some less than stellar reviews, so you might be more inclined to get the Hue kit after all.

The next device, still available on the market, is Wemo’s Smart Light Switch. This is a $49 switch that works with the Wemo app, allowing you to remotely operate your lights. It’s simple and well designed.

The Wemo Smart Dimmer is like the light switch but with added dimming capabilities. It works with any type of bulbs (even incandescent) and has a Night Mode for gentler lighting.

One of our favorite features is the randomized lighting Wemo provides. This works with the smart plugs and the light switches. Essentially, Wemo will randomly turn some lights on and off to make it seem like you’re at home when you’re away.


If security is of utmost importance to you, you may already have a camera installed for protection. Wemo sells two smart cameras that can integrate with your existing smart home setup.

The NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision currently sells for about $75 on Amazon, and it’s a good contender in the home camera space.

Like other Belkin Wemo devices, it works with the Wemo app to help you monitor your home no matter where you are. It boasts a wide angle for maximum viewing and a Night Vision mode to see more in low light.

You can even record footage with both Belkin Wemo cameras, so if you see a candid camera moment, you can preserve it.

At around $92, the NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera has a couple of additional features that might be worth the extra cash.

Notably, it has a glass lens, which gives a clearer picture of what’s going on in your home. It also records in 720p HD, and overall the quality is higher than the standard NetCam camera.

Keep in mind that these cameras only work with the Wemo app. They do not work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, or any other leading smart home systems.

Should you invest in Wemo products?

The Wemo line is ideal if you want products from the same company. While Wemo isn’t the most flexible product line, it has good basic options. If you’re looking at buying a couple handfuls of smart plugs, Wemo is a solid choice.

The downfall of the Belkin Wemo system is lighting. Since the poorly reviewed Wemo lighting kit is discontinued, there’s not too much reason to get it. However, you could substitute the Philips Hue and use all the other Wemo products.

Our recommendation: If you like the aesthetic of Wemo products and the brand trustworthiness, it’s worth it to grab some smart plugs or even one of the cameras.

You won’t be able to build a complete smart home with Wemo, but you can give your home the finishing touch with Wemo products.


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