Using Amazon Alexa For IFTTT Integration

Using Amazon Alexa For IFTTT Integration

Amazon Alexa supports things such as self-adjusting air conditioning systems, intelligent light switches and many other smart home products. However there are some things that the Amazon echo comes short on, and for that IFTTT Amazon Echo integration bridges the gap. 

IFTTT now allows you to work with your Amazon Echo to give you greater control of the gadgets throughout your house with voice commands.  In this article I’m going to show you show you can use the Amazon Echo (or Amazon Alexa) and If This then That (Ama zon Alexa IFTTT) together effectively.

If you’re looking for the Google Home, you can find that post by clicking here. 

You can see most of the Amazon Alexa IFTTT Recipes by clicking here. Some of these will be talked about in this post.

A lot like you can do, is sign up for the applet that gives you an email when a new applet is released for the Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa IFTTT

Laying the Foundation For Your Smart Home

The Amazon Echo is compatible with many things including smart light bulbs such as Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, Sensi, among others. It also has support for intelligent hubs such as Samsung SmartThings and a few other ones. The Amazon Echo itself can be used as a smart home hub to control your entire house.

However, there are some integrations that are actually missing with Amazon Alexa. We can bridge that gap with Amazon Alexa IFTTT integration to cover blind spots that were previously there.

Alexa, the “helper” that represents the software and is comparable to others such as Google Asistant, Siri or Cortana. All interaction is through voice command similar to the other devices.

Things You Can Do

Find My Phone

A lot like the Google Home, you can use an IFTTT command to ring your phone from your Amazon Alexa. This is perhaps one of the most basic and most useful things that you can do with the Amazon Echo & Alexa with If This Then That. I’m not sure how much I lose my phone around the house. 

Play Music in the House

I hadn’t said it before, but the Amazon Echo is essentially a Bluetooth speaker. Under this principle we will be able to play any song we have on our phone, which is available on Amazon Prime Music (if we have the service) or uploaded to your cloud.

Another of the musical functions of this gadget is to suggest playlists based on our mood, festivities or by artist.

Also, and very conveniently, Amazon continues to extend the compatibility of this device with other services, something that will allow us to also play songs and playlists that we have in our Spotify account.

Receive notifications

It seems that once we have received the first notification of our lives, we will no longer be able to stop receiving them. For better or for worse, Amazon Echo will allow us to receive different types of notifications depending on the configuration we have given you.

So, once again, if we can in the situation where we are waking up to go to work and want to know what weather it is to choose the most appropriate clothes for the moment, we can consult the weather conditions without having to use the mobile phone. We will also be able to receive notifications about traffic conditions, for example, while we have breakfast.

Amazon Alexa IFTTT

IFTTT Amazon Alexa Integration

IFTTT gives Amazon Alexa a lot more capability in networking with the rest of your house and making your smart home setup more effective.It also gives the opportunity to create custom integrations if you want to customize the setup of your home.

To mention a couple of examples, we could activate a recipe for our Philips Hue to behave according to a certain configuration, or we could also create a shopping list which we can easily send to our smartphone with a simple voice command. The possibilities with almost infinite truth. Amazon Echo IFTTT. in addition, you could create a applet for a device that has not even been paired before.

“Alexa, Trigger Self Destruct”

This command will trigger an applet that will make your Phillips Hue lights start to blink when the command is said. Although this command lacks practicality, it can be fun to play with. 

“Alexa, Trigger Lock Down”

Saying “Alexa, Trigger Lock Down” while using this IFTTT integration will tell Alexa to lock up your house, turn off your Hue Lights, close your garage door if you are using Garageio, and mutes your Android phone. 

This is user created and shows what the Amazon platform is capable of. This is cool if you want to be able to lock up your entire house at night with one command. 


Brew Coffee With Amazon Echo

This applet is self explanatory. The app will brew coffee with a WeMo enabled coffee maker when you say “Alexa, Trigger Coffee Brew”.

When you wake up, simply say a quick command to your Amazon Echo and the coffee will start to begin being brewed.

The Amazon Echo Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Are we missing anything on our post about Amazon Echo IFTTT? Let us know below!


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