August Z Wave Door Lock Review (Smart Lock)

August Z Wave Door Lock Review (Smart Lock)

august z wave door lock

August Z Wave Door Lock Review

If you’re one of those who loves upgrading their home with the latest smart home gadgets, then August Smart Lock is for you. With it you’re able to turn your smart phone into the key and open doors with the press of a button (I’ll be honest. Having fewer keys is nice). In this August Z Wave Door Lock Review we’ll go through a quick summary as well and features of the August Smart Lock


The August z wave door lock is a very sturdy and well functioning lock.  It works through bluetooth, Wifi, or a smart home hub. Alternatively a August Connect Hub can be bought for use with the lock. 

If the power in your house goes off the lock will keep working because August Smart Lock is completely independent of the power supply. You can simply use bluetooth to open it. If all fails there is also an option to use a physical key. 

You can set up various ways of opening the door. For example the door can only be opened during certain hours, control who has access to the lock, and give users temporary access. You can give someone permanent access for access for an afternoon, night/day, or a month.

If we don’t want someone accessing our home – a child, babysitter, guest, etc – during a certain time slot of the night or day we can set restrictions. It’s not possible to do this with normal locks. 

The lock is perfect for something such as vacation rentals. We will have a post on this soon. Additionally, you can do things such as give the babysitter only during designated time slots too.

The August Smart Lock can be purchased on Amazon here

z wave door lock

Features of August Smart Lock

The price is definitely a factor in deciding if this is for you. This lock is sold for $100 – $200 dollars depending on the condition and the vendor, or $229 direct.

 The August Smart Lock is a great lock for “Smart” internet-of-things homes (except for the price).

Since the key is virtual, you don’t have to worry about possible duplicates being out there (for example, what if your last tenant had a few copies of the key?

According to the creators the encryption technology on the lock is incredibly powerful.

There will never have a “power” problem with this device because it uses the power of four AA batteries to operate. In case the batteries are running out, a notification will be sent to the phone to let the user know that they need to be replaced. In the last case scenario it is possible to use a key. 

As far as installation and design are concerned, installing it is not difficult at all. It adapts perfectly to our door thanks to four different color level configurations that are available in the online shop.

The lock also suffers from the same limitations as other similar devices: as it only works with Bluetooth, controlling it with your phone when you’re too far away requires a smart home hub that you must purchase separately (or, in this case you can also buy a August connect to connect it to your wifi

Using Bluetooth also means a small but annoying delay in opening the application to interact with the lock.

Upsides of the August Smart Lock

A good design,and convenient automatic functions make the August Smart Lock a leader in its niche. If you’re looking for a premium smart lock for your house this is one of the best options you can get. 

The August Smart Lock will automatically lock behind you if you walk out of your home. Plus it’s one of the best smart locks you can buy.

Downsides of the August Smart Lock

Android users can’t initially use automatic lock deactivation. Additionally, the Bluetooth setup can cause an irritating connection delay. Also, you need a separate hub to control the smart lock from such as a Samsung Smart Things Hub or the August Connect to connect to Wifi. 

The price tag of $250 is makes it one of the most expensive smart locks on the market. However, if you have money to spend it can be well worth it.


The August Smart Lock works well and is easy to use. The delay in Bluetooth pairing and the lack of actual controls on the Internet are annoying. However, it is more of a result of the technology used, not a design flaw. 

Most likely in the future someone will find a work around if they haven’t already. The August z wave door lock is a leader in its niche and is well worth the money. 

Like the Nest Learning thermostat, Philips Hue Connected LED spotlights and other smart home products, you’ll pay for the privilege premium of having an August Smart Lock. The price is not much higher than the competition. I hope you enjoyed our August Z Wave Door Lock Review.

The August Smart Lock can be purchased on Amazon here


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