Best Home Automation Software

best home automation software

Wink Bright smart lighting essentials., Works with Amazon Alexa
Wink Bright smart lighting essentials., Works with Amazon Alexa
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Wink Bright smart lighting essentials., Works with Amazon Alexa
Wink Bright smart lighting essentials., Works with Amazon Alexa
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What is the Best Home Automation Software?

In this post we have laid out the best home automation software that is currently in the marketplace that you can use for your home.

Home Automation software is software that gives you a chance to control and screen regular home and office devices with the help of a computer. You can do things such as turn lights off and on as well as appliances. 

Many home automation devices utilize exclusive systems administration methods. The methods used will be entirely based on how to build a device or framework. The software organization may support such an approach as it binds the client to their items. It is along these lines critical to assess a home automation device to guarantee that it is based on open methods to use. These arrangements are decided under an open source permit.

A framework with solid similarity with the usefulness you require is your most logical option. Most importantly, endeavour to search for a framework that best suits your requirements. The conceivable outcomes for mechanized savvy home control are relatively boundless. The best home automation software that we have laid out and will go over includes: 

  • Homeseer
  • OpenHAB
  • Domiticz
  • Wink

Home Automation Software 

There are many Home Automation Software and we’ve outlined some of the best ones for you here. The ones we have layed out here have showed potential and have proven time and time again to be good choices.


Homeseer Home Automation Software


They say that they make the best smart home systems because Homeseer apparently uses ‘hybrid’ approach to home controls. Many people have reviewed his software by saying it the best Home Automation Software one can use as it gives the best results and does not disappoint you.  This software is very good when you are operating it through zwave.


OpenHAB Home Automation Software


OpenHAB takes into account the requirements and wants of home automation devices that feel weak at the knees over open source. This product is upheld by the engineer as well as by a flourishing group. OpenHAB started out as this Java-controlled programming highlights numerous reconciliations that make your activity a great deal simpler. Some open source programming have a tendency to take into account more dark gadget arrangements however that is not the situation with OpenHAB which will have no issues with the greatest and most prominent tech arrangements.

In any case, the thing to think about OpenHAB is that in spite of its enormous similarity show, it doesn’t endeavour to take into account a specific gadget as it is intended to avoid “favouring one side” maybe. This means engineers have significantly been more flexible for including their own tech in with the general mish-mash and also their own particular modules.


Domiticz Home Automation Software


Domoticz highlights bolster over a genuinely huge scope of gadget families, spreading from any semblance of remote controls to sensors and locators and everything in the middle of, clients for the most part feel safe utilizing this product.

The way that they can depend on a stage that backs every one of their gadgets is awesome and it’s a standout amongst the most essential things you can search for in automation programming. The various highlights aren’t generally that awesome on the off chance that you can’t motivate it to speak with the amazing brilliant gadgets you purchased.

One of the greatest advantages for Domoticz is that it is open on an extensive variety of stages running from your commonplace PC to littler things like cell phones and even the ultra-minimal effort control arrangement Raspberry Pi. Over the standard programming you likewise access a cluster of extra discretionary usage originating from outside designers.

Demoticz has been produced for a standard home computerization, broad difference between the neighbourhood and outside gadgets. Having the capacity to utilize outer gadgets is an extraordinary perk in itself, not to mention when you coordinate it in the general framework. Clients that go for Demoticz can make their own particular switch codes which can truly prove to be useful in assorted circumstances.

Wink Home Automation Software


This device is basically super easy to use, it has limited number of devices or frameworks it can automate. It needs limited customization. If you need something that you need in order to do your basic things, then this is the best Automation Software for you. It won’t be able to do the advanced things because it is not really made for that.

Wink provides a large selection of products (the Wink home hub is linked in the beginning)



All these devices are pretty easy to use but some of them could have bugs, or could trun out to be a little annoying to operate but they give the best results. Many people have complained about Homeseer being a little expensive and hard to configure but after this process it has been worth the money. I found Domoticz the best because it has so many things one can experiment with and have fun doing it as well, this software can also be a little expensive but I loved using it for my devices.

The one device I didn’t mention above was Home Assistant, I didn’t mention this software because everyone already knows about it, this software is also easy to use and has large number of option you can choose from, but once you have used a software that has more better options and more customizable you won’t like using the Home Assistant after that.

All of these softwares are good choices for home automation. Ultimately it is largely up to personal preference and that is something that only you can decide which one to go with.

I hope you enjoyed our post on the best home automation software and I hope it helps you make up your mind of which one to go with if you are looking. We’ll soon release a post on open source home automation software as well if you’re a nerd and want to customize everything yourself.

Is there anything we missed that you think should be on this list? Let us know below!

  1. Dysc

    31 January

    Interesting – What about smart systems such as Loxone and KNX?

    • Taylor

      2 February

      Not sure…the smart home space is already huge and getting bigger every day.

      Looks like something to look into and add to this post.

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