Google Home IFTTT Integration

Google Home IFTTT Integration

Google is constantly updating its applications and expanding its smart home setup. That’s why we we’re going to show you can do if you integrate this then that (IFTTT) with your Google Home and get the most out of it.

If This Then That promises to unify The Google Home through its tight integration with Google services. It’s the perfect desktop companion for those who live in the world of Google. There are many voice commands that allow you to unlock a ton of information, or make your smart devices run many different actions.

There is a huge list of what you can do with Google Home. Below we have put together some of the coolest things that you can set up your Google Home to do with If This Then That.

You can see most of the Google Home IFTTT Recipes by clicking here.

Get A New Email When A New IFTTT Applet is Published

You can view the applet here:

This applet will give you an email every time a new applet is published for Google Assistant. This way you can stay on top of the latest and greatest applications. If you’re a serious smart home nerd. If you’re not as much of a nerd you can opt out of this, however it is extremely useful for staying on top of the latest trends and knowledge.

Integrating Google Home IFTTT


There are a lot of recipes that go along with the Google Home and If This Then That. Here we are going to lay out some of the coolest ones that you can use.


Things You Can Do:


Finding Your Lost Phone In Your House

One of the coolest and most practical things you can do with IFTTT and Google Home uses is to track your phone if you have lost it at home. Let’s be honest, I do this all the time.

If you simply say “Find my Phone”, or “Where is my Phone”, Google Home will ring your phone for you and give it a call.

You’ll need to verify your number and complete a couple more steps when you connect for the first time. And it’s worth it, it’s one of the many smart integrations of IFTTT for Google Home.

You can find more about this on the Google Home IFTTT page that is listed in the beginning of this article.


Turn the lights off and on

One of the many promises of Google Home is that it can become the hub of all your smart devices in your house.

That includes changing the color of your lights off and on on command or based of certain parameters that you set. There are several IFTTT functions for the lights, including “OK Google, good night” when you go to sleep. You can also set up integration with Hue lights to change the color…. not only turn them off or on.


Lock Your Home

One thing you can do with the Amazon Echo and IFTTT is lock your home with a voice command. You can lock a smart things lock by voice. Instead of walking around to lock up your house at night, you can say a few works and your house will be locked for you.

This is pretty cool if you want to completely transform your home. You can be in your bedroom and say “Google, Lock the Front Door”, instead of having to go make sure it is locked before you go to sleep.


Integration With Your Nest Devices

Not surprisingly, Google Home works perfectly with the company’s Nest line. As indicated in the example, you can say “OK, Google sets the temperature to…” and then the name of your preference. Such integration with other platforms would be welcome, but if you’ve thought about having a smarter Home, you can’t go wrong with Nest.

Be sure to check out the other Nest integrations that are available, and look at the other things you can get out of Home.


Post to Twitter or Facebook With Your Voice

There’s an IFTTT applet that allows you to post to Twitter or Facebook With Your Voice. If you’re in bed you can use a voice command to post something to your Facebook or Twitter. Obviously there may be details lost in translation between the voice and text, so it might be best to double check before you post anything sensitive.


Set The Temperature in Your Home

There’s also an applet that allows you to set the temperature in your home using certain smart thermostats. Great for controlling your home from your desk, bed, or other area in the house and making everything more accessible than before. A quick “Google, Set the temperature to 65 degrees” before bed or a “Google, turn the temperature to 76 degrees” as you go to work can be a game changer.


Everything Else

Currently IFTTT allows you access to hundreds of different applets wit Google Home, each allowing a different integration and different action. Things such even as fitbit for example. There are also a ton more integrations that you can view in the IFTTT integration.

A lot of these actions can make our lives much easier. For example, we can post on Facebook or Twitter only through a voice command with the Google home, add a task to the to do list, turn off the lights at home or even have your coffee maker start.


For more recipes for Google Home IFTTT, we reccomend checking out


Is there anything we missed in our Google Home IFTTT Guide? Let us know below. 


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