Introduction to Home Automation


Automating homes is one of the new rages today.

There are a number of smart home products on the market today (Alexa, Google Home, and even Apple bringing on It’s own Smart Home line) that are competing for market share.  A lot of start-ups and companies have gone into this new smart home space (Including Vivint, Samsung, and others) including some of the largest companies in the world (Google and Alexa).

When you add in a fairly high price point, and someone everyone in the world can have in their house, there is suddenly a lot of room for competition. Additionally as a result there is also quite a bit of innovation.

Home  Automation

There are a lot of different things you can automate. Things like using keyless locks to easily give access to vacation units, waking to coffee that is already made, or controlling the temperature before you leave (how much would you save if your A/C was fully optimized?).

Getting Started

Getting started in Home Automation is fairly simple. We suggest you only try this if you have a decent income source or have a reasonable amount of money. It’s not a hobby for purely rich people, however if buying something for $200-300 makes you think twice you might have to figure out a less expensive way of doing this.

First you are going to want a smart home hub to connect everything.  The main ones are the Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and The Apple Homekit and soon to be Homepod.

Choose wisely. If you are in an Apple household (IE everyone has an Iphone, Mac, and Ipod) get the Apple setup.

If you’re a big fan of Amazon products go for the Kindle.

If you’re a big fan of Google go with the Google Home.

Here is an infographic with the major differences; however they are minor and I suggest going for whichever brand that you are a big fan of.


If This Then That

If This then that is a system where you can set up your smart home. For example you can sync your fitbit with your coffee machine to start making coffee

Here is an article on If-This-Then-That alternatives if you do not want to delve into the world of IFTTT:

4 IFTTT Alternatives That Will Help You Do More

I suggest reading around to get an idea of how you can use that


The Brands


There are many, many companies in the smart home space. Here is a quick list for your general overview. Keep in mind the information here is not complete and I encourage you to do your own research.

Alexa — Read About The Amazon Alexa Here

Google Home — Read About The Google Home Here


Samsung Smartthings — Read About Samgsung Smartthings Here

Nest — Read About Nest Here

Apple Homekit — Read About The Apple Homekit Here


What can be Automated

There are a lot of things that can be automated around your house. Here is a quick list:

Smart Locks —

Thermostats —

Smart Home Monitoring Devices —

Smart Kitchen Items —

Smart LED Lightbulbs —

Smart Vacuum Cleaners —

There is a lot more, which can be found by browsing this site, and viewing Amazon (You can click here to start to see what Amazon Offers for smart home items).

A lot of the content is already on the site (links above) to make everything easy for you.

This page is constantly updated. Last updated 9/2017.



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