Lima Cloud For Your Home

The Lima Cloud

Lima has brought the Cloud to your doorstep with the new Lima Cloud. The cloud has become more and more popular for people who want to be able to store a bunch of files on the go and. 

The cloud is also super convenient. You’re not tied to any one computer, and your files remain secure when you move across devices.

If you don’t use the cloud often, you’re probably part of the 90 percent of Internet users who use the cloud in some way. Either way, the cloud is here to stay.

However, some cloud users have security concerns. Are cloud servers safe? What if you’re unable to access your data?

And how does any of this have to do with smart homes?!

Enter Lima Cloud. Simply put, this software gives you a Personal Lima Cloud that is stored on your own hard drives.

You have full control over your files, but you can still store everything on the cloud and access your files no matter where you are.

It’s like having your own bank, and the safe is right in your own home. You don’t have to blindly trust a cloud computing company.

Interested? Read on for more on Lima’s features.

Hands-on security

The big selling point of Lima is the hands-on approach to file safety. Everything is completely in your control.

You buy a Lima device and install it by plugging into your hard drive and router. The Lima device encrypts your files and makes them available on all your devices, so you can access them wherever you are.

When you set up Lima, you choose which devices to use, and the Lima connects with only those devices. It then encrypts your files using AES encryption, the same type the government and banks use.

The result is that all of your files are stored on your hard drive and in the cloud, and only you have access to both.

Lima argues that this approach is safer than using distant servers from cloud services. Since the Lima is tied to only your devices, it makes it much more difficult for hackers to get in.

Access your files wherever and whenever

The whole point of the cloud is to allow you to access your files wherever you are, whenever you want, and Lima delivers on that.

It has an incredibly easy drag-and-drop interface, and once a file is on the Lima, it can be accessed by any of the devices you set up with the Lima.

You can configure everything from the Lima app, which offers media streaming. This makes the Lima as a system flexible and mobile, and it’s one of our favorite parts of the Lima.

Another cool feature: When you snap a photo or shoot a video on your phone, it gets automatically uploaded to your Personal Cloud via Lima.

The Lima is also lightning fast. One reviewer was able to transfer feature-length films in about 17 seconds. It’s as fast as (and often faster than) the most popular cloud services.

In terms of storage flexibility, it’s hard to beat the Lima Cloud. Each of your devices has access to as much storage as the hard drive connected to the device.

So if you have a 3TB hard drive attached to the Lima, all of your devices have access to 3TB worth of storage. Your files only take up space when you make an offline copy, which is easy to do if you want access anytime.

To top it all off, you can easily back up all your data onto a second Lima in case anything happens to the first one.

While this might seem like an upsell, Lima does have a good suggestion: Back up your data onto a second Lima and store it elsewhere so your files are safe even if your smart home gets hacked.

The Lima is a great choice for a smart home, especially if you want to keep everything as safe as possible.

Bang for your buck

The Lima costs $129, which might seem like a lot compared to Google Drive (15GB of free storage, then $10/month for 1TB) or Dropbox (free 2GB of storage, then $10/month for 1TB).

However, the Lima is actually cheaper because it’s a one-time cost, not a monthly recurring fee. Business Insider broke down the costs and found that the cost of a Lima and a hard drive is much less than using Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

The math checks out––the combination of the Lima Cloud ($129) with a highly regarded hard drive like Seagate Expansion 1TB ($54.99) is pocket change compared to the long-term costs of using a cloud solution. (Use Mac? Check out the WD My Passport 1TB for $59.99.)

Should you buy the Lima Cloud?

So should you make the investment in a Lima? It all depends on how much you use the cloud.

The Lima is ideal for users who need a lot of storage space, and by a lot, we mean a few terabytes. People who store lots of media on the cloud and large files (like videos) will rejoice in the Lima’s capabilities.

If you’ve always wanted to integrate file storage into your smart home, the Lima is perfect for you. You can take security into your own hands with your Personal Cloud, which is a huge plus.

On the other hand, if you just don’t use that much storage space, the Lima may be overkill. You might use the cloud only occasionally or just for smaller files like documents.

In that case, it all depends on how much security you want. If you want to have the most security possible, we recommend the Lima. But if you’re okay with using shared servers, you’ll be fine with the free options from Google Drive, Dropbox, or other services.

Every smart home owner should at least consider the Lima. It’s a device with a lot of potential, and in the future we may see more abilities and integrations with smart home technology like the Echo or Home.


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