Simplisafe Security System Review

Simplisafe Security System Review

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey for his no-contract plan, we have a SimpliSafe security system review. The system is a new monitored system that starts at 200$ for a laptop computer for people living in a department store or 300$ for a more complete computer with four door sensors, one Large panic button and two motion sensors.

Favorite among the people who rent their home, those who like to do things alone and families with tight budgets. When we move, simply remove the sensors and then relocate them using double tape. The SimpliSafe monitoring service costs fifteen dollars per month and does not require a telephone line: the system uses a wireless cellular connection to keep in touch with the SimpliSafe monitoring service.

At the moment, SimpliSafe does not have cameras or home automation or home automation functions, however, it represents a reliable choice in terms of home security.

What does SimpliSafe offers?

Simplisafe Security System Review

SimpliSafe is the all-round alarm system that offers 24/7 monitoring for only 14.99& a month without contracts, and includes a totally free cellphone link. SimpliSafe proves to be the best wireless and DIY security system in the market That’s an unbeatable price that you as a customer will not find anywhere else.

You can install the sensors in your home by yourself, in 15 minutes or less and you will be fully protected. All systems are fully customizable, so you can start with the sensors contained in this package and add more of the sensors you need them and when you want. Unlike other wireless alarms, SimpliSafe is reliable and secure, and offers the same quality protection you would get with any another giant security company without the hassle of nasty contracts they intimidate you to sign. Try SimpliSafe to find out the best way to insure your home.

The introduction of 24/7 protection can really make you trust to keep your house safe. SimpliSafe is an award-winning integrated system in the home security category, and was created by a graduate engineer from Harvard University. Protect your home with the latest wireless technology. SimpliSafe is so remarkably effective that a Wisconsin police department uses it to catch criminals.

What do the experts say?

Some of the best technology experts call SimpliSafe “better home security, more elegant and with exceptional value.” Why? SimpliSafe gets rid of everything that makes you less secure at home and causes greater anxiety and restlessness. There are no annual contracts, no intermediaries, and no fixed telephone required. You get protection for the superiors for less than half what the traditional companies charge. Get more security, more freedom and more savings. That’s SimpliSafe.

SimpliSafe includes:

  • Super fast cellular connection speed, 24/7 monitoring and professional dispatch of police (in case of emergency).
  • On-Road mobile control (you will have access to the advanced control system from your smartphone or laptop Wherever you are).
  • alerts (your eyes and ears at home, being able to keep track of liquor cabinets, safes, first aid kits, filing cabinets and cabinets and more),
  • Text SMS and news by email (With alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your phone, you will know what is happening, when it happens).

It also implements other features that distinguish it from home alarm companies: break-proof, free and easy to install, in less than 15 minutes. Your system comes pre-programmed (It offers the highest caliber of monitoring available to three times less). It avoids power failure (SimpliSafe works with powerful lithium batteries  so that it can stay in shape Safe when electricity fails). Save up to 20% on your home insurance, no annual contracts (customers stay with SimpliSafe due to exceptional security and dedication to customer service, not because of contracts). Fire detection (It has much faster smoke and CO sensors to ensure your safety in the event of a fire or gas leak).

SimpliSafe also recognizes the possession of extreme range wireless sensors (they have a range of 400 feet and protect homes of any size). Systems can be customized to suit your needs. Portable to take with you when you move (allows you to pack your SimpliSafe and reinstall it in your next home). And grows with you (you can always add more sensors). And is friendly with pets as it gets along with pets of all shapes and sizes.

No Contracts

Many alarm companies advertise their alarms to be 99$, but then they make customers sign a contract for over 1000$ and they can’t get out of them for at least 3 years. But their alarms do not have these hidden charges.

SimpliSafe is just like the name implies: simple. The customer can focus on home security and not all the fine print. The company makes it easy for people to install by shipping all equipment pre-programmed and ready to plug and play. meaning once you connect the pieces and plug them in, they are ready to work.

With no contract, you can flexibly opt in for monthly professional monitoring at a low cost. However, if you don’t pay for a monthly monitoring package your system will act as a local system only; meaning, if the siren goes off it merely “scares” the intruder away; but does not contact authorities, monitoring professionals or you. SimpliSafe’s a no pressure company that leaves the decisions up to the customer.

SimpliSafe is so confident that you will enjoy your alarm system that they will even let you try it risk-free for an incredible 60 days, with money back guarantee. SimpliSafe alarms are reliable, easy to use, do not have annual contracts and most importantly for the customer’s pocket: no hidden costs. ¡Do not think about it, try SimpliSafe now!

Is SimpliSafe Right for You?

Simplisafe Security System Review

SimpliSafe is dedicated to making security simple for people to use. All devices come ready to install and operate using a plug and play system. The adhesive strips make it so you can attach devices without damaging the home and you can take them with you to use at another residence if you ever relocate. You can add onto the system if and when you ever need to and its customer service has proven helpful and not pushy. If you don’t mind the higher upfront costs and enjoy the no long-term obligation, SimpliSafe is a great home security solution for you.


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