Sonos Sub Review

In this article we are going to give our Sonos Sub Review and tell you all about it. Originally available in black in 2012, the Sonos Subwoofer has recently been released in a new white color adding to the brand. The Sonos boasts a self-powered, wireless subwoofer, perfect for combining with The Sonos brand Play:3 and Play:5 speakers.

The Sonos Subwooofer is powerful enough to fill an entire room with Bass. It uses a WiFi connection, is easy to set up and you can expand the system later. Continue to read our full Sonos Sub Review

Sonos Sub Review

Sonos Play:5 Speaker


Connecting to Your Home Network — Sonos Sub Review

Your Sonos Sub has an Ethernet port for connecting it to your home network through your router or Sonos Bridge adapter (sold separately). To calibrate the SUB, simply press the button on the side and follow the instructions to set it up. Doing this will make the SUB  automatically calibrate all components to optimize the sound by adapting it to the conditions of the room.

It’s that simple to get it up and running, and really does not require too much work at all.

Sonos has a pretty interesting range of accessories for your wireless speaker systems. The Sonos Sub is a self-powered, wireless subwoofer, ideal for combining with American Play: 3 and Play: 5 speakers. This  Sono Sub adds extra performance at the lower frequencies with a clever speaker setup when combined with the Play:3 and Play:5 speakers.

Next in our Sonos Sub Review I am going to show you how to setup a multi room system.

Setting Up A Sonos Multi Room System

The Sonos wireless audio system consists of two speakers, Play: 3 and Play: 5, the Bridge router to create a wireless system with multiple speakers, and a wireless amplifier and receiver (Connect: Amp and Connect). Additionally, there is Sonos Controller control software.

By connecting a Play: 5 or a Play: 3 to your home router, you’ll have a loudspeaker capable of playing all the music from your computer or the Internet.

If we add the Bridge, we can communicate with the speaker without having to connect any cable, adding more speakers if we want, creating a true multiroom system. Finally, if we want to integrate our hi-fi equipment, or some traditional speakers in the system, we will have to use it with the Connect: Amp or the Connect receiver.

A DSP circuit, interior designed to give maximum air volume, and a resin casing made of resin material that offers’ dead’ acoustics polish the bass to avoid resonances or vibrations.

Synchronization with the other components in the range is automatic and is handled, like these, from any Sonos Controller application for IOS, PC, Android and OSX.

The bright white Sonos SUB comes to complete the Sonos family of speakers, featuring the same connectivity level features as its high-end brothers. Its configuration is very simple, just plug it into the power supply and press a button. The control software will then automatically detect the device, displaying on-screen instructions to equalize and adjust the rest of the speakers and make the most of the subwoofer settings. As far as the design is concerned, the SUB is so small that it’s very easy to move to any corner of the house.

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Sonos Sub Review

Sonos Subwoofer


The Sonos Sub

The Sub is strikingly stylish, with rounded corners and the center hole with the speakers facing each other. It measures 402 x 158 x 380 mm, and weighs 16 kg. The arrangement of the loudspeakers facing each other is commonly found in the design of concert sound systems. Basically, positioning one speaker in front of another will result in a performance greater than the sum of the two separately. Also, using smaller speakers reduces vibrations in the enclosure, resulting in a clearer and sharper bass response.

This equipment also features two class D or digital amplifiers, which have been configured to take full advantage of the subwoofer and speaker design. The enclosure has been constructed using a patented resin that also helps to improve the performance of the Sub. Its design and wireless connectivity will allow us to place it in any corner of the room. This way, the less geeks will be happy to know that you can even place it lying under the sofa.

Another advantage of Sonos iOS and Android free apps is that they let you control your Sonos players, music stored on your PC, or Internet music right from the palm of your hand. The Sonos system is also continually improving with the addition of new features and music services. Once you have registered your Sonos music system, you will be automatically notified as soon as software updates become available. You only have to click a button and the system will be updated at that moment.

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In short, this is a highly recommended product from the Sonos range, now in bright white, which, combined with Play: 3 or Play: 5, will allow you to create a complete wireless and connected stereo system. I hope you enjoyed our Sonos Sub Review and there are product links below.

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