The Best Smart Mirrors For Your Smart Home

The Best Smart Mirrors For Your Smart Home

smart mirror

Smart Mirrors

At the most basic level, a smart mirrors are mirrors that add a Smart TV and touchscreen effect to the mix. If you’re interested in completely transforming your house this is one thing that will really impress your guests.

In the morning you can check stock prices, check the traffic, check your email, and a whole lot more while you brush your teeth and get ready for the day.

They’re truly some of the coolest and most innovative things you can buy to improve your smart home. Who knows, you might even want one in your living room to hide the TV and put it where no one would expect.

Next we’ll go over some of the top smart mirrors that you can buy for your home.


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Top Smart Mirrors on Amazon


Smart Mirrors however are a little bit pricey. Unlike an Amazon Echo or Google Home which can be bought for $100-$200, smart mirrors cost quite a bit more. However, they also often come with a large Smart TV equivalent internally, as they are not regular mirrors by any means.

Here are some of the top Smart Mirrors that we found on Amazon:


GlassTek Inc. Touch Screen Mirror with Smart TV

 Smart Mirrors

The Glasstek Inc Touch Screen Mirror comes with a tv in the Mirror, and the wide mirror makes it perfect for use in the bathroom. Use the smart TV to catch up on the Traffic, the weather, and anything else while you get ready for your day.

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Soulaca 32″ LCD Smart Magic Mirror TV

Smart Mirrors


The Soulaca 32″ LCD Smart Magic Mirror TV is similar to the other Smart Mirrors on this list. As you can see in the picture it is perfect for putting next to a bathtub, shower, or anywhere else in the bathroom where it may take a while to get everything done. 

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MOOWIM 18.5 inch Mirror TV

Smart Mirrors


The MOOWIM 18.5 inch Mirror TV is as mirror with a smart TV embedded in it. Essentially creating an inconspicuous mirror that can then be turned on. The TV is 18.5 inches and acts as a smart TV. This one is perfect for tossing in a bedroom, workout area, or another area where you want to hide a smart TV. 

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MOOWIM 32″ Smart TV Mirror with Frame

Smart Mirrors


The Moowin 32″ Smart TV Mirror With Frame is also on this list. It is similar to the previously mentioned MOOWIN 18.5 inch with the main exception of being bigger. In addition the TV takes up the entire mirror, instead of only being a small piece of the mirror.

Like the other Smart Mirrors you can turn the TV portion completely off, leaving only a crisp mirror that you can look at

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Smart mirrors give you the ability to give your home an extra feature that will be sure to impress most guests. There are more smart mirrors out there, but most of them are a TV behind a mirror with additional features. One of the coolest things you can do is keep a TV in your living room that is hidden behind a mirror. No one knows the TV is there until you turn it on.

Or you can even hide a TV in your bedroom, garage, or anywhere else you would like. Hide a TV from your kids, wife (or husband) or someone else that you don’t want to know what it really is. 

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Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!


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