Xiaomi Smart Home Kit: In-Depth Review

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit: In-Depth Review

I’ve been wanting to review the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit for a long time now. And now that they have included the smart plug I decided to take the leap and review it.

It comes with 5 very interesting elements (in previous versions only 4 came)  that will allow us to create different scenarios according to our needs.

In this new article I will comment on how to configure it and the practical applications that I am going to give.

Unboxing Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

One of the things that surprised me most about this kit is the presentation that brings us and that has reminded me a lot of the Xiaomi virtual reality glasses.

The box has a very nice finish at the same time as sober and the silkscreen of those letters in Chinese (which at the moment I do not know what they mean) give a decorative touch that I really like.

When we open it we will find all the components in perfect condition and very well placed certifying the sensations prior to its opening. In the interior we have the following:

  • Home automation unit (Gateway) x 1
  • Smart Wireless Switch x 1
  • Presence Sensor x 1
  • Smart Plug x 1
  • Door opening sensor x 1

In addition to all this I have acquired a humidity and temperature sensor in Gearbest which is one of the domotic elements that I was most interested to place in the room. Now it is for the approximate price of $19 and you can access your purchase by clicking on this link.

Although at the moment I will not control any heating system in an automated way, I am interested in controlling the temperature so that the girl does not get cold.

To conclude with the unboxing to tell you that there are two things that have caught my attention. The first is the small size of each of the sensors and domotic elements it includes. In the pictures I’ve seen, I do not know why I thought they were bigger.

On the other hand, I have also noticed the good quality of construction they have. Although they are made of plastic, this looks tough and does not give the feeling that it is a poor quality product.


Technical characteristics and possible scenarios

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

To talk about the technical characteristics, this time and since it is a product composed of several elements, what I will do is to comment each of them separately and thus you will have a very good overall view of the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit.


The Gateway

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

If we use the jargon of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, we could say that this is the element that is born to dominate them all.

Well, the technical characteristics of this home automation system are listed below. As you can see we can take some of the basic scenarios possible.


Online Radio


It has an internal speaker that supports being able to listen to the radio in streaming. You can configure it to turn itself off automatically when you go to sleep and to turn it on when you wake up. That yes, at the moment only supports Chinese online radio stations.


The Online Radio Can be Found on Gearbest Here


Night light.


Thanks to the internal light sensor and its integrated lights that support 16 million colors we can switch on in low light conditions.


The Online Radio Can be Found on Gearbest Here


Presence sensor.

When someone goes into the room, we can have the light come on.


The Online Radio Can be Found on Gearbest Here


Xiaomi IP Camera

We can send a message to the mobile phone if someone enters our house when we are not. The camera we have to buy separately.


The Online Radio Can be Found on Gearbest Here


The door opening sensor

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit


This small domotic component will provide us with added functionality and will relate perfectly to your “siblings”. It is very small and easy to install. It comes with a CR2032 button battery that will give us a duration of approximately 2 years.



Door opening.

The Gateway light can be turned on when it detects that the door has been opened.


Anti-intruder mode.

If someone breaks the door, the buzzer can start ringing and the IP camera can start recording on the microSD card it has built-in.

This component will only work in conjunction with the Gateway. You cannot use it independently in the My Home app.


The smart wireless switch

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

This switch is one pass and will allow us to control certain domotic elements by clicking, double clicking or by pressing.

It is very portable, has a very small size and is very simple to use. What can we do with it? I tell you this:


Before sleep.

We can click on the button and turn off all connected domotic devices (lights, cameras, etc.) all at once.


Wake up at night.

If we wake up at night we have a button to turn on the night light of the Gateway, placing the button on our bedside table.

Like the previous one, the switch will only work together with the Gateway. You can not use it independently in the My Home app.


The Presence Sensor

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

This component is very useful when we want to detect human or pet presence in a particular room of our house.

It is very easy to install any corner of home, office, etc. It is powered by a CR1632 button cell included. With this device we can make the following configurations:


Time delay function

If there is no one in the time that we set in the sensor configuration, for example, you can automatically turn off the air conditioning or the television, which are connected to the smart plug.


Night mode.

When someone passes in front of him at night, the Gateway light can go on.


Notification function.

We can send a notification to the mobile when, for example, our pet escapes.

The presence sensor will only work in conjunction with the Gateway. You can not use it independently in the My Home app.


Smart plug

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Maybe this is the domotic element of the most versatile kit of all since you can control any device you have at home (a NAS server, a router, a television, etc) and obviously connected to it.

It has four very interesting functions that I describe below:

Detects current power consumption

It gives us statistics on electricity consumption

Provides protection against electrical overload

We can program the automatic on and off

This element can operate independently of the Gateway with what you can add to the application Mi Home without having to rely on other devices.


The temperature and humidity sensor (not included in the kit)

Although this sensor is not included in the kit and you have to buy it separately, I think it is worth knowing it and that is why I also talk about it in this article.

It has a very small size so we can put it wherever we want and is powered by a 3V CR1632 button cell battery (included).


The main functions that will give us this temperature sensor are as follows:

It can detect in real time the temperature and humidity conditions of a room

We can set an alarm if the temperature and humidity are not normal. It may detect a fire or water leak.

Stores a history of temperature and humidity changes over time.

The accuracy in the temperature measurement is ±0.3º

The accuracy of the humidity measurement is ±3%

The temperature range you can measure ranges from -20 ° to 60 ° C

In this case it also does not work independently and we need to have a Gateway at home. That is so, since the communication is done with the latter.


Xiaomi Smart Home Kit Conclusion

Although it is still early to draw conclusions, I have to say that I am very satisfied with the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit. The scenarios I have tried so far have been very interesting.

At the moment what interests me is the alarm function combined with the presence detector and the door opening sensor for when I go on vacation, to have the house more protected.

I am also using it a lot to check the temperature of the room and thus regulate (manually) the thermostat of the heating.

My idea in the near future is to introduce more domotic elements of Xiaomi to create new scenarios. I plan to integrate a new IP surveillance camera since the YI DOME does not serve me for that purpose and also some Xiaomi light bulbs to play with the scenarios.

The only problem I am encountering is the translations of the different plugins that incorporates the application Mi Home for each of the elements. IOS is in Chinese and will be more difficult as long as the people of Xiaomi do not move tab with it.

That if, on Android is something easier. I am in the process of performing tests to translate the entire application and so you can go detailing all the scenarios you are building. 

To conclude, I would like to tell you that it is a very good home automation solution and above all for a price that for me is unbeatable. We no longer have an excuse not to try the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit, which is sure to delight you. Also, the more we are, the easier we will have to share our scenarios and create community that is what it is.


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