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Yeti Smart Home

The Yeti Smart Home App

The Yeti Smart Home App promises to let you control all of your Smart Home Devices from one application. It fixes the problem of someone that has multiple smart home devices — and really doesn’t have a way of controlling all of them and not having a hub. In this case all you have to do is download an application and viola — your I-phone is now the hub for your smart home.

Yeti scans the environment for all of your smart home devices and allows you to put control into a single application, without having to have a bunch of different applications to control everything or buy and figure out how to set up a smart home hub.


Yeti works by connecting to your local network and then connecting the the smart home devices. The interface is very user friendly and makes everything (including setting up and using the up) very simple and straightforward. Additionally, you can use Yeti to connect through the cloud and control your smart home from anywhere with a data connection to your phone.

This means you can be in a village in a 3rd world country, and as long as you could access the internet with your phone you would be able control your smart home. (Not likely, but just an example).

The Yet interface lets you control everything with only a few clicks and group things together. So if you want to turn on multiple bulbs at once, you’ll have that functionality.

The app also lets you set routines to set up time parameters. For example if you want something such as your lights to turn off or on at a certain time, you can do that too.

As you can see, there is a ton the app can do to help you keep your smart home under control with just a simple app.

What is Supported

Taken from their app store description, here is a list of SOME of what they currently support. If the item not here, that does not mean it is not supported:

– Philips hue 
– Netatmo welcome
– Netatmo thermostat
– Netatmo tags 
– Nest Learning Thermostat gen3
– Lifx white gen2
– Belkin Wemo Switch
– Belkin Wemo Lights 
– Sonos Play
– Tp-Link White Lights
– Tp-Link Color Lights
– Tp-Link Light Switch
– Yeelight Stripe

In summary, if it is a major smart home item, they probably either support it or are trying to figure out a way to support it. For full details there is more information on their site.


One of the coolest parts of the Yeti app is the interface. The interface is seamless and very good looking. This leads to a great experience (pictures of the interface can be found on

The interface allows easy access to all of your applications in an easy to use screen, as well as routines. The routines page allows you to automate some of your current smart home features (for example, turn off and on a light at a certain time or set it’s brightness, or set the temperature that you want your house to be when you come home at night. Something else you can do on the routines page is put everything into groups. This lets you control part of your home at once (for example multiple lights at once) for easier living.

Overall I would give the interface an 8/10. As it is right now it is excellent. However the app is also new, so I would expect to see changes in the coming months.

The Team

The yeti team is headquartered in Spain. Granted there are other ways of doing this (such as buying and setting up a smart home hub), simply downloading an application to your phone makes this an excellent way to control the smart home device setup in your home without any issues.

The team is young and cares about the product, so we might see some new additions in the coming months.


The Yeti Smart Home App is an incredible way to simplify your smart home without going overboard with expensive smart home hubs and such. If you’re a hobbyist with only a few smart home items around your home, this app is a great way to easily bring it all together.

Right now the app is available in the Google Play store for Android. It is also available in the Apple App store for the Iphone. You can find out more about the Yeti Smart Home Application on their website here or in their app store download page here.


Have you ever tried the Yeti Smart Home App? Let us know in the comments below. 


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