Zapier Alternatives for Your Home Or Business

Zapier Alternatives for Your Home Or Business

zapier alternatives

Zapier Alternatives

Zapier is a common solution to many smart home or business automation issues (next to IFTTT), but there are alternatives to use if you are not fully invested in it.

IFTTT is a common tool, mainly because it is a very versatile tool that grows daily with new functions that help you automate processes and make better use of your time. The recipes offered by IFTTT are varied and involve online services of all kinds, such as social networks, productivity tools like Evernote… You can even process your photos through IFTTT. However, you may be looking for something different, alternatives to IFTTT that bring you something new, different features or a simpler environment. Let’s look at some options to complement or replace IFTTT.

For those who are not familiar with IFTTT, to say that it is a web service that connects actions with other online services or services among themselves. Its objective is to perform automatic actions that you usually do, so you will save time and be more productive. There are many examples, but to name a few, IFTTT lets you move Dropbox files to Google Drive or vice versa, copy your photos from Instagram or Facebook to Dropbox or Drive as a backup or send your important Gmail messages to Evernote, among many other possible combinations.


Zapier is the one of the most commonly used automation platform by businesses in the world. Zapier itself is very similar to IFTTT, however it is made with businesses in mind and is more flexible. 

Zapier currently works with around 250 compatible platforms including Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and more. 

Similar to IFTTT, you can combine all of these platforms together to create powerful synergies. Additionally, you can save yourself massive amounts of time from having to do simple tasks.

Zapier Alternatives 

If This Than That

If This Then That is an alternative and direct competitor to Zapier. We have a whole post on IFTTT versus Zapier which you can see here.


Formerly We-Wired Web, Apiant is a service that claims to let you search for automations for over 15,000 apps on their website. Apiant is a great platform if you’re looking for something very similar to, but an alternative of zapier.

You can find out more information on Apiant by clicking here. 


ItDuzzit works with more than 100 applications including Google, Yammer, Dropbox and more. On this occasion, itDuzzit bets more on services focused on the company than on the average user, with clearly professional services.

As in the previous cases, you can create a free account limited to 20 transactions and 30 notifications per month or use paid accounts. Your task editor is somewhat more complex than IFTTT or Zapper, which also means you can create more advanced and customizable rules.

ItDuzzit was recently acquired by Intuit and is being developed as a competitor of IFTTT and Zapier. 

You can get more information on itDuzzit here as it is part of the intuit cloud structure. 


A service to complement IFTTT or replace it if you just need to work with files is Wappwolf, a tool that creates tasks centered on Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Specifically, you can upload files from your online storage accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or Skydrive, convert PDF documents, add effects to photos or encrypt files to keep them safe from outside glances.

After giving Wappwolf permission to access your Dropbox, Drive or Box space, a specific Wappwolf folder will be created to execute the tasks that can be configured via the web.

You can find more information on Wappwolf Here.



Workato gives you more flexibility when creating automation ntasks

In addition, Workato incorporates a system of conditions that can lead you to build much more personalized flows. For example, if a new subscriber on but isn’t on a Mailchimp list, it can add them and then send an email.

Workato is even more flexible and configurable than Zapier, which makes it more difficult to learn how to use.

You can find more information on Workato Here


If you decide to look towards alternatives for zapier there are some listed above that can get you started. Although Zapier is a good platform, there are some cases where you want to look at other things to use. You can use zapier or one of its alternatives to use with products for the google home or use with products for the amazon alexa.

Are they any Zapier alternatives that we missed? Please let us know below. 


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