9 Accessories to Have in a Smart Kitchen

9 Accessories to Have in a Smart Kitchen

For years the kitchen has been the epicenter of innovations, gadgets and gadgets that promised to make life easier for us. You just have to keep an eye on the telestore to see it.

However, in the recent years we have left brought smart devices into our kitchens.

Appliances and other kitchen accessories have been merged with microcomputers to become smarter and make life easier for us. Listed below are 11 accessories that would be great for a smart kitchen.

Egg Minder – The tray that watches over your eggs

If you’re tired of going to the supermarket and wondering if you still have eggs at home, you need a Quirky Egg Minder in your life. This smart tray not only takes care of keeping track of the eggs you have left, but also controls their level of freshness.

The Egg Minder and was created by Rafael Hwang. Egg Minder connects wirelessly to a smartphone and through its application keeps track of the amount of eggs remaining, in addition to how old each egg is.

When it opens, a LED light inside the Egg Minder flashes on the side of the egg that has been stored for the longest time, and when that egg is removed, the light will change to the next longer egg. In addition, it sends a notification to the linked mobile device when the eggs are running out. It is possible to see how many eggs are left, so the question you ask each time you go to the super now has an easy answer.

Egg Minder, has been put on the market thanks to Quirky and General Electrics. It is made of plastic and acrylic and holds up to 14 eggs. Its dimensions are 370x111x81 mm and works with AA batteries. The app is available for iOS 6 and Android 2.2 and higher.

The Egg Minder Can be Found on Amazon Here

Intelligent Lighting

Although often overlooked, lighting is one of the key parts of the house. In the kitchen is always installed a powerful light that illuminates every corner, but with intelligent light bulbs can do more interesting things like giving atmosphere and even simulate presence. We have already compiled some of the best intelligent light bulbs.

The Smart Bulbs Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Smart Plugs

You can use Smart Plugs to control the power to appliances wirelessly. Turn off everything from your kitchen off or on, with the press of a button.

Smart Plugs Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Nespresso Prodigio – Make coffee without getting out of bed

Yes, friends, the Internet of Things also reaches the world of coffee makers, and proof of it is the Nespresso Prodigio, the latest model of Nespresso.

Nespresso Prodigio is a Nespresso capsule machine with 19 pressure bars, 0.8-liter capacity and three programmable selection buttons (for ristretto, espresso and lungo).

It is fully modular, which means that its elements can be attached or removed independently of the main body. They are manufactured by both Krups and Delonghi, and are marketed in two versions: the standard Prodigio and the Nespresso ProdigioMilk.

Yes, the biggest novelty of this Nespresso Prodigio, and what you will see in all the promotional spaces of the brand, is the possibility of controlling the coffee maker with the mobile. Through a smartphone, and downloading the Nespresso app, you can activate the preparation of any coffee, or schedule the extraction to have the coffee ready at the time that suits you.

For this last, as is normal, you have to be careful to have left the desired capsule correctly placed in the dispenser, and the cup or cup under it (if we do not want to put the kitchen lost coffee).

This Item Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Buy a Virtual Kitchen Assistant

The Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers are indispensable in any smart kitchen that boasts. In addition to playing music they have a voice assistant able to lend a hand while we cook and control the house. They connect with the appliances and other smart accessories that we have installed and move the orders that we ask. Alexa, the Amazon assistant, is even able to make the purchase.

To learn more about these speakers be sure to check out this article.

Dash Buttons For Groceries


Hit the dash buttons on your Amazon app to automatically order anything that you are out of with a simple button.

Just place it where you usually use the product and hit it every time you run out of it. The button will add it to your shopping list and they will send it home for free the next day. There are all kinds of brands and products that you use in your kitchen every day. This feature is only available to prime members.

Although if you do not feel like cooking you can give up and press this button to order pizzas. You do not always have to end up cooking in the smart kitchen, right?

This Item Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Cooking at low temperature

The technology sneaks into the kitchen. Never better said. It is the Anova Precision Cooker, a Sous Vide device with which to cook at low temperature taking control directly from your smart device.

Those who do not know this method of cooking possibly see the procedure as a ritual prior to a spell. Nothing further from the reality, since inside a bag are kept all the juices and nutrients of the product that we are cooking, and that in the end, produces magic on the palate. Basically you need a container full of water that we must keep at a stable temperature (that’s where the device comes into play) and put inside a vacuum bag with the ingredients that we want to cook, whether a meat, fish and Even vegetables.

Start-up is really simple. This device has a thread that will allow adjusting the fastening no matter what type of container we use. We only have to take into account the maximum level of water, because in case of overcoming it could damage the device. Once set and set, start heating. To do this we use the application of our phone or tablet and adjust the desired temperature and cooking time. The application has many recipes explained by other users, and in case we like one, we only have to press a button to send the temperature and cooking time settings to the device.


The Anova Culinary Bluetooth Sous Vide Precision Cooker Can Be Found on Amazon Here

An Oven from the Future for Your Smart Kitchen

You and I may only see an oven, but the fact is that June is an oven that cooks smartly. It has all kinds of sensors and programs that allow you to cook each recipe optimally. Once you set the food in the oven you can control everything from an app on your phone. No more dry chicken.

Its size is similar to that which can have a conventional microwave and is designed to be placed on the countertop. Inside there is a whole array of components and hardware elements that may well remind us of other types of gadgets: including a camera, scale, temperature sensors, Nvidia chipset and a five-inch touchscreen.

This June Intelligent Oven Can Be Found on Amazon Here

The refrigerator of the future

The Samsung Family Hub. This is an interactive refrigerator – the first of the brand – with a generous 21.5-inch screen from which you could do many things. The main functions of this gigantic gadget? Follow me and tell you more.

This side-by-side, focuses on the offer of a screen through which to access many applications – there will be a future store to download new ones such as YouTube. You can clone your TV (as long as it is a Samsung 6400 model onwards), browse the internet, consult an extensive recipe database, use it as a digital whiteboard and even create shopping lists that, of course, are synchronized with the mobile. These lists can also be used to make the purchase online directly from the screen of the Family Hub, although food providers have not yet been determined.

The good thing about the shopping list is that if you ever hesitate about something you did not stick to, you can always look inside the refrigerator, and thanks to the camera are able to take a photo every time you close the door. When storing food, the idea is that you can also use your application Reminder, with which you can mark them and determine how many days can be in the refrigerator before receiving an alarm. The Samsung Family hub has two Cameras for scanning barcodes for product registration, but that will require the collaboration of suppliers to keep food information updated.

The Samsung Family Hub Can Be Found on Amazon Here


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