The 4 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

The 4 Best Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’re on a quest to make your entire home smart, you absolutely need one of today’s smart garage door openers. Although it’s a simple device, it can make a big difference in your everyday life.

Imagine never having to worry about opening your garage door again. That’s what a smart garage door opener can do for you.

If you’re using a regular garage door opener with a remote, here are tons of reasons to upgrade.

First, it’s much more convenient. You can open and close your garage door from anywhere, even if you’re away. This opens up lots of possibilities––for example, if you left the garage door open, you can easily close it.

Second, you can link most smart garage door openers with other smart devices to make life easier. You could set it up so that the lights in your house turn on when the garage door opens.

Third, most of the garage door openers are fairly inexpensive, so you don’t need to spend much to have a lot more convenience. These smart devices can work with your existing garage door openers without a hassle.

Convinced yet? If you are, we’ll help you. Here are our top 4 choices for smart garage door openers.

Smart Garage Door Openers:


1. Chamberlain MyQ

The Chamberlain MyQ is perhaps the most popular smart garage door opener available, with tons of positive reviews from happy users.

The MyQ is a budget-friendly choice at only $99. It also works with most brands of garage door openers made after 1993.

The device works with the MyQ Garage App, available on iOS and Android. With a few taps, you can open or close your garage door, and you can also check its status (open or closed).

If you’re looking for a lot of versatility, the MyQ can deliver. It works with MyQ lighting products (sold separately) to allow you to turn outdoor lights on or off at your command.

It also integrates with Nest products like the Learning Thermostat or Nest Cam. This is where the MyQ’s abilities really shine.

You can control the temperature so that it changes if you’re home or away, and you can monitor garage door activity with the Nest Cam.

Have more than one garage door? No problem. Just pick up a Second Door Sensor to control both doors.

IFTTT users: While the MyQ is incompatible with IFTTT, there are some clever workarounds you can use to hack your MyQ and make it work with IFTTT.

Overall, the MyQ is straightforward to use and simple to control. It also has countless integrations with other smart home devices. It’s easy to see why this one is a customer favorite.

2. Nexx Garage

If you’re looking for integration with your existing smart home system, the Nexx Garage can meet your needs.

Overall, it’s a standard smart garage door opener that functions like the Chamberlain MyQ does. It allows you to open or close your garage door from your phone, no matter where you are in the world.

On top of those basic functionalities, there are also some extra features like reminders. If you leave your garage door open, the Nexx app will notify you so you can close it.

It also works with Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, which is a big selling point for this device. You can open or close your garage door with a simple voice command.

Another feature is driving activation. The Nexx device will use your smartphone’s GPS system to sense when you’re near your garage door, and your door will automatically open.

This feature is currently in beta release, so it’s not 100% guaranteed to work, although Nexx is anticipating a full public release.

Nexx has put out a list of non-compatible doors, although it’s not complete.

At $99, it’s a compelling rival to the MyQ and may fit your needs better.


3. Garageio

Garageio offers a slightly different feature set at a more premium price (about $199).

It has a lot of the same features as the MyQ and Nexx Garage, like smartphone activation and activity monitoring.

One plus is its plethora of integrations. It works seamlessly with Amazon Echo devices, Stringify, and (soon) Samsung SmartThings.

It also works with IFTTT, and there’s even an entire IFTTT page for it.

Garageio is also testing a feature called Secure Delivery that opens the door for package deliveries. With other smart garage door openers, you can do this manually, but Secure Delivery will automatically do it for you.

It’s compatible with many garage door openers––check out a full list here.

4. Gogogate2

The Gogogate2 is another solid option if you’re looking for a feature set that’s a bit different from the garage door openers we’ve discussed so far.

First, the Gogogate2 app allows you to create accounts for different users. This means you can have different accounts for different cars or family members.

The Gogotate2 also works with IFTTT, which opens up some possibilities for using geofencing technology with the door opener. Like Garageio, the Gogogate2 has its own IFTTT page.

You can also use IFTTT to connect the Gogogate2 with smart home systems that are compatible with IFTTT. This is a nifty workaround that can make this device a little more flexible.

It retails around $121.99, so it’s competitively priced, especially if you’re after these specific features.


Whether you’re looking for a simple smart garage door opener or a full-featured device, we’ve got something for you on this list.

Garage door openers are still being explored by many popular smart home companies, so we might see some offerings from more well-known companies in the future, and hopefully these will have improved integration.

However, you can use IFTTT with three of these garage door openers, which opens the door to lots of advanced automation possibilities.

For now, the Chamberlain MyQ has set the standard, but all 4 of these devices work well and provide several useful features. Check all of them out and see which one’s right for you.

Which garage door opener are you considering? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Wicked Smart Home

    7 September

    Great List! I have been looking at smart garage door openers to add to my home automation setup. I have Chamberlain openers so the MyQ would make the most sense but I am having a hard time justifying it for the minimal functionality it provides. Plus the lack of integration with other products bugs me. Hopefully their next generation product will help me justify the cost

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