Top 10 Devices Compatible With Google Home

Top 10 Devices Compatible With Google Home

Along with Google Assistant, the Google Home has been at least one of the company’s most important releases over the past year as it becomes the epicenter of all connected devices, making it useful both to set the house temperature to turn the lights on / off or play a new episode of your favorite series.

But the success of Google Home depends to a large extent on the services that are compatible with it in such a way that, if your music service or streaming video or your heating system is not, will be of little use. In this sense you may already be getting ready to get on with, there are already many applications and services that have added support for the smart speaker, and today we bring you that list of the best services compatible with Google Home

Nest Thermostat

Nest is a smart Google thermostat that brings together two very interesting features: design and efficiency. The Mountain View company acquired the company in 2014 to provide support in the home automation field. Although they continue to function as independent companies, they are now part of Google.

This home automation gadget integrates with your boiler system and has a wireless connection system that allows you to control the temperature of your home from the smartphone, whether you are at home or not, or from your nice dial.

In addition to this, Nest employs a cloud learning system by which – after a certain period of use – you can predict the time it takes to heat your home or how gradual temperature loss is according to the construction and outdoor temperature of your home. home.

With this knowledge, it promises to keep your house at the temperature you want minimizing the use of your boiler and this, in short, translates into economic savings by spending less energy.

The Nest Thermostat Can Be Found on Amazon Here

Phillips Hue

Wake up in the morning light, let your house receive you in a warmer atmosphere, find out the arrival of a message, even if your phone is in another room, save light by creating patterns on and off. The home automation of the future is one step closer to all mortals thanks to the Philips Hue lighting system.

Easy to use and set up, Philips Hue bulbs are controlled from your phone or computer and recently are also compatible with Google Home, will turn your house into the envy of the most advanced mansions without having to leave the salary in expensive systems Home automation.

Philips Hue system consists of 600 lumens (50 W) LEDs with consumption of 8.5 W that we can personalize from the mobile phone or internet to create the light tone we want or program it so that its on and off respond to our needs.

The Phillips Hue Can Be Found on Amazon Here


Samsung SmartThings

Here is the next Samsung proposal for the “Internet of Things”, if you liked Sleepsense, the same interest you to take a look at the new generation of SmartThings devices.

In the smart house that Samsung has in the head there is room for five different sensors that tell us if there is water leaks, if there is movement in the room, or we control the power for some device – you know, turn it off and on. All of them are controlled by a central unit that is now smarter.

Regardless of what Samsung and SmartThings sell us in their proposal, there is a list of more than 200 compatible devices, Including Google Home, with the ecosystem they are creating, which, by the way, is open and allows others to enter To create applications.

The Samgsung Smartthings Hub Can Be Found on Amazon Here



While companies like Amazon or Apple focused on offering multimedia devices that turned your TV into a Smart TV, Google introduced a small device at a very affordable price that allowed to send any content from our smartphone or computer to the TV.

Smarpthone is one of the most important content discovery sources we have today. There is YouTube as a video highway, but also different video services on demand with their corresponding applications. A direct link between smartphone and TV is an excellent idea.



The August Smart Lock Can Be Found on Amazon Here


Belkin WeMo

The home automation, that dream that we have had a few years with him, and that does not seem to implant too much in our houses. Many times the culprit that this is so is solely and exclusively due to the high price of existing solutions for the home. Since Belkin intend to simplify all this through a plug-in controller, a motion sensor and our favorite iOS or Android device, and recently also google home

The idea I think is clear, plug-in controllers (or not) using motion sensors that will allow us to perform some basic household tasks such as lighting lights, television, microwave, coffee maker … So far everything relatively “normal” “, But WeMo brings us in turn integrating your hardware with the IFTTT (If This Then That) web. This Web service allows us to establish rules of behavior.

The Belkin WeMo Can Be Found on Amazon Here



IFTTT is an automated system that allows you to execute actions based on triggers. Its acronym says it all: IF This Then That. In addition to being very easy to use, another of IFTTT’s greatest strengths is that it is constantly evolving by adding new compatible services. Like G

oogle Assistant.

Since the wizard included in Google Gome and Google Pixel allows to be activated with the voice, the integration with IFTTT is able to execute actions with just saying them. Google has not added too many native functions to Assistant yet, so having IFTTT support is very good news.

We have four triggers compatible with Google Assistant, all available from the control command: “Ok Google”. We can adjust the specific phrase and up to three optional phrases for Google Assistant to interpret the command and execute the action in IFTTT. Then you just have to put your imagination into it: the service allows you to automate endless tasks.



While the Philips Hue is the first choice, LIFX has become a major competitor for the Dutch company. One of the things they have gained so much fame in recent years is for their effort to present their system as something easy to install and use in any home. These bulbs allow you to skip the mess and enjoy directly its 16 million colors and 1000 white ranges (from warm to cold).

The LIFX is not only intended to be a reinvention of the light bulb, but its conception goes through the model of collective financing that has been so fashionable. In this case through the powerful American platform crowdfunding Kickstarter. I wish Thomas Edison could be here to see it.

  Can Be Found on Amazon Here


Honeywell Wi-Fi

If you are looking for a thermostat to use (or you fear that the autonomous management of Nest will completely control your house), Honeywell is a very good option. It allows intelligent programming for the 7 days of the week and its particular platform fits perfectly to the system of Google by what will allow you to optimize its capacities to the maximum.

The WiFi Smart is a wireless thermostat that we can control from our mobile devices thanks to its applications for iOS and Android. These applications, besides allowing us to manage the temperature of the house, offer us weather data so we can get ahead of them and activate the heat of the home before we get to it. Or put the air conditioning to a stop, which in some cities will soon reach home will be like putting us in an honor.

Although there is still some way to reach the levels of customization of Nest, it is great news to see how more manufacturers are encouraged to compete in the market for smart thermostats.

Honeywell Wifi Can Be Found on Amazon Here


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A6

Do not want to rely on the speaker of your Google Home to put music to good volume; or do you think they are not good enough? In that case Google allows you to play your music from an external Wi-Fi speaker via Assitant. One such speaker is the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A6; whose design allows you to fill the room with an impeccable and engaging sound.

We have already spoken several times of Google Cast and as little by little a good number of devices are passed to be compatible with the service of Google to transmit content without cables. In some cases because they include it from source and in others like this that occupies us by its added through an update.

And Bang & Olufsen updated its BeoPlay A6 and BeoPlay A9 loudspeakers so that they are compatible with Google Cast (and therefore compatible with Google Home) so that their owners can enjoy in them the music they have stored on their devices Without the need for cables.

And is that we have reviewed so far some options to use Google Cast among which stand out the small dongle of the company’s own search engine, but every time new options appear.

In the case of Bang & Olufsen the update for the BeoPlay A6 and BeoPlay A9 second generation, which begins its deployment today, will allow us, if we use in our smartphone any application compatible with Google Cast, we will only have to press the Icon to transmit the sound to the speakers.

The Bang and Olufen Beoplay A6 Can Be Found on Amazon Here


August Smart Lock

This popular lock will make you forget the keys forever, since it is activated when recognizing the Bluetooth of your smartphone when it approaches the door. With Google Home you can expand the functions of this intelligent lock and you can tell Google to close or open the door of your home whenever you need it. And if you are not sure if you have closed the door when leaving the house, do not worry: you will not have to walk back to check it since you can do it from the phone itself.

The August Smart Lock Can Be Found on Amazon Here


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