Top 5 TV Streaming Devices

There are several methods that exist to view online content/videos on television. You might have a television or a Blu-ray player or gaming system which have these applications integrated. However, if you want more, or if your TV does not have this features, then getting a dedicated media hub is the best option.

Many of the media streamers do allow you get their devices for well below $100, so you do not have a problem of cost. Keep reading to learn about some of the top TV streaming devices available.

There are five distinct players among all the media streamers available in the market today. Everyone will, of course, expect Google cast to be on the list, because they are a market giant, of course, it is, and Amazon Fire TV also makes the cut. The others are, Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV. Of all of these platforms, only Google Cast does not have an on-screen menu system.

Neither does it have a special remote control. This makes it impossible to view all you want from a distance without a mobile device. Google Cast has quite a little different because it requires a computer, smartphone or tablet with cast compatible application before content streaming can be made possible.

It does not matter which you choose, every one of them gives you the access to as many of the most popular video and music services as there is.

While making this list, the resolution for each device is put into serious consideration, and they all passed the test pretty well. They all have a good ability for HDR content and ultra-high definition (4K) apart from Apple. Next are some of the top TV streaming devices. 

Top 5 TV Streaming Devices:

Apple TV

TV Streaming Devices

This is the latest Apple TV, and it comes cheap at the Apple Store. It has got some much-anticipated upgrades. However, this upgrade hasn’t done enough to keep up the pace with the market competition. This new Apple TV now has its app store and has improved its services and software which is available on this device.

It also has a voice command remote control, and you can also use Siri with this devices, as you can with your iOS tablet or phone. It is still very much focused on Apple and her products more than third party apps, as its music app focuses more on Apple music, this is unlike Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV.

And shamefully it does not support 4K. However, its iOS integration is very great for users who are loyal Apple fans and wants to make use of the features such as Airplay In addition to the streaming media options as well.


Amazon Fire TV

TV Streaming Devices

This Amazon Fire is designed around the FireOS. Amazon tried an upgrade to the Android’s version, however, loaded it with its content. The Fire TV device is majorly targeted on Amazon Prime content. And it has the Amazon Prime music and the Instant Video so prominently built in the menu system.

And it doesn’t end there, you’d get many other content services you want through the Fire TV, but as individual apps like YouTube, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. The biggest plus of having the Fire-TV is that you’d have all of your best videos and contents right at your finger tip.

The Amazon team also fortified the Fire Tv with Alexa, you’d recall, this is the voice assistant who was used in the previous Amazon echo speaker. If you think of Apple, you’d think of Siri, so this is Amazons’ version of Siri, it is more like a digital assistant who helps with the voice function embedded with the remote control supplied with the fire TV stick and the fire TV.

The latest fire TV is 4K video compatible. And the TV stick by default comes with a voice remote and also makes users happier by being cheaper.

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TV Streaming Devices

Roku claims all the applications and services on their platform/device are Channels. And they offer thousands of such channels on their Roku Channel Store. All major media streaming services are available, this includes Sling TV, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Twitch, and Hulu Plus, but that’s not all, they also have it furnished with many smaller services for movies, niche applications international content, sports, news, and weather.

The present range of models on the Roku line is six, making it the most ever. And these six are loaded with a wide range of features and prices. The Roku’s Premiere+ and Streaming Stick have distinguished themselves as the best options, and their prices are extremely affordable given their ‘point-anywhere’ remote function considering its 4K capabilities.

Roku has now ventured into the television sphere, this they have done with the Roku TV range. While the brand does not produce the TV themselves, they have made available their OS to be integrated into screens by manufacturers. The Roku TV works just as Roku line of media streamers, but they are built directly on the TV. Many Roku TV now has a native support for 4K too.

Personally, this is one of the most common tv streaming devices that we have seen over the years. 

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Google Cast

TV Streaming Devices

The Google Cast is by far the least physically complicated and visually obstructive device/platform; it’s simply plugged and play. Once you grab your Chromecast audio or Chromecast, get it plugged in a power source, then just connect to an audio system or TV, from there, all controls are made from a mobile device.

As earlier stated, this device doesn’t come with any remote control and do not expect any onscreen interface neither are there any special app to operate separately. Once you connect your Google chrome cast to any device on your home network, you are good to stream anything you are watching on your tablet or smartphone. This is done from a cast compatible app, and you can be sure there are many of them to choose.

It is very easy to use and also affordable. As the Chromecasts are very much less expensive streamers in the media streaming list. They go for only $35 each. The chrome cast Ultra’s price is also the least expensive 4k media streaming device. It sells for only $69. The three of them work well with Google home, this helps you to use your voice commands for whatever you want to see, and you might even decide to see additional information as regard search (e.g. Google Calendar).


Android TV

TV Streaming Devices

The Android TV system is Android-based dedicated for media streaming purpose by Google. It differs from the highly “edited” version of Android which was used in the Amazon Fire TV range. It promises richer features and a more powerful interface than Roku or Apple TV on paper, however, it has yet to fully impress users and reviewers.

It feels “uncomfortable,” and its application store is very small as compared to the Google Play store, and also when compared to the Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV stores.

However, the Android TV will take credit for being the first to allow Netflix 4K contents outside the normal TV, with their 4k Netflix app integrated internally, and it is paired with the ever powerful Nvidia Shield TV hardware makes it a very powerful system.

The Android TV devices are very much compatible with Google Cast; this means you can use a tablet or smartphone in streaming content just as if there was a chrome cast with you.

Each of these devices on this list is a great way to get contents online onto your TV. Disregard any disadvantage of any, they are the best in the market, and their prices are proof that they are extremely affordable for lovers of quality.

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I hope you enjoyed out post on TV Streaming devices. Is there anything we are missing? Please let us know below!



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